Thursday, August 17, 2006  
haha w00t back home. but i didn't post in a long while so.. here we go. final installment of the eng's asian adventure 2006

8/12. later that night, i gave steven a call briefly, and i go to play with my 2 litto twin nephew-cousins XD they're about shawn's age, but they have singaporean accents!!! hahaha so cute. i need to post pictures. XD they have another baby brother XD man that family is going to be a fun one. mm after the huge gathering, we went back to yap goh goh's to try and make this dragon beard candy. first step: melt sugar. yea didn't go so well. i kept burning it (go figures) so that failed miserably. haha

8/13. airport! ate roti prata for breakfast and kaya toast =P on the plane i played harvest moon and watched a hilarious korean movie "crazy first love". the main guy actor is the same guy from my sassy girl. hahaha its really funny. oh yea i was on plane to taiwan XD mm wen we arrived, we were greeted by 2 cousins i've never met before. their english names are ariel and shelly. ariel has 2 daughters, vivian and jane, and shelly has one son, tim. ^ ^ their husbands are vick and steve. xD such kute families. but there's a catch! they cant speak english. hahahaha T_T i could understand the mandrin and everything, but i couldn't respond. sad. so my mom was a translator most of the time. and amanda stared off into space.

they drove us to our hotel where we settled down for a bit, and i gave tiffo a call :D mm then my family had dinner with my cousins at a nice restaurant. i ate til i was sooo full and then they ordered MORE food. i was like !?!?! T_T after dinnnerrr, we met tiffo back at our hotel! XD i was very happy to see a familiar face ^ ^ i didn't get to see her legs, but she had quite a few mosquito bites on her arms :3 she took us to a busy night market XO took the MRT deal. she ate some oyster egg deal and we all ate cotton shaved ice cream XD yummy. i got a tummy ache later that night but its all good >_> uhm then to the streets! very very bz. and crowded. i think i bought a few earrings and amanda got gay shoes.

8/14. we awoke early in the morning to head for our taiwan glamour photo shoots. holy crap. T_T so we picked 4 outfits or w/e we'd want to wear... amanda picked all these sappy happy cutsy stuff. i could tell she was fULLY enjoying the whole make up and hair styling portion of this whole ordeal. for me... uh. i fell asleep a lot. like i remember towards the end, the lady was putting on white stuff on my eye lids so i closed my eyes, naturally. but before long, i felt myself dozing. hahaha T_T narcoleptic even on the other side of the world. *raises fist* we took family pics too. xD i think my most favorite thing about this thing was my photographer. he poses the way he wants me to pose... hahaha i'll let you.. envision that for a while. :D after the 7 hour photoshooting, we took a 2 hour nap back in the hotel. had outback STEAK for dinner YUMMY!!! hehe then we looked around taiwan ikea (much smaller, same price), bought some magazines, and cup noodles. DUDE at their 7-11, they sell anime figurines by the cashier. T_T that just blows my mind. we houstonians wait twice / once a year for anime cons to get this stuff, and in asia, they can go to their local 7-11 and buy however many they want. PIFF...

8/15. we ate those cup noodles for breakfast, and went back to the picture place to choose the pictures we wanted to keep. amanda had an extremely difficult time chosing which pictures she wanted T_T... very difficult time. >_> i kinda rushed her a bit and i believe she got quite mad at me for the rest of the day. >< sigh kids. mm after that we went to taipei 101. w00t. the elevator is fast. haha mm the view is alright. i mean.. i looks like how most cities look like from way up high in an air conditioned observatory. oo oh yea on the taxi ride to 101, i think the taxi driver overheard me and my mom reasoning with amanda to not get so worked up over pictures. haha the taxi driver asked for our zodiac animals x.O! he sed dragon (me) has a mind of its own and doesn't like to listen and more stubborn or something. and he sed sheep (amanda) is obedient and patient. HAAHAH so funny cuz the opposite was actually occuring at the moment. well.. at least for the sheep. >_> anyway yea i thot that was random that the taxi man butted in like that. hahaha oh yes there was an anime con going on in taipei world trade center that day as well. i didn't get to go but i saw lots of kids with huge galleria sized bags with bleach and naruto all over them. xO they have cooler cons than us T_T back at the hotel, i played gameboy for a while until shelly came to visit us with her other sister, angel! XD so for everyone who's really confused, i have a total of 3 cousins in taiwan: ariel, shelly, and angel. angel is only 22, so that makes her cousin number 24 (im #25, amanda is #26). then we went to "tea lounge blog" for dinner. its cool! its a restaurant styled place but its also an internet cafe i guess. there was free internet and manga all over ^ ^ i didn't use internet long enough to blog but i emailed a bit. they had a lot of pot manga.

8/16. in the morning, steve picked us up to go to the taiwan national museum. they sure love kitchen ware, cuz it was a bunch of bowls and plates and stuff. haha very nice art though. its always amazing to see ancient vases and utensils ^ ^ we also drove to a sulfur mountain place. apparently there's a dormant volcano in taiwan x.O i did not know that. we walked aroundd and my mom got tired. haha mm then we drove to an old dutch fort that became a tourist thing and there's a nice view of the sunset. unfortunately, it was cloudy. XD sounds like a repeat of that gay sunrise i woke up early for >_> then we met up with shelly, and walked along a pier type place. my mom sed that tiffo sed she came here some time ago. *shrug* i forgot the name. we ate some weird fishball stuff, some noodle in tofu stuff, and "iron eggs" x.O sorry but i like my eggs to wiggle and jiggle, white and tender, with a yellow middle. hahah XD it was quite dark now, so we went to buy a rice cooker? (random)

and then went off to the airport. T_T it was here that i realized... my precious and ancient tiny green pencil bag which has been serving me for 3 years... *sigh* has gone missing. along with my 7 year old "eng" charm. T_T fortunately, i randomly bought a new pencil bag in singapore and a similar "eng" charm in taiwan. sigh. it will be missed and not forgotton, but i must move on. *tearz* on the flight from taiwan to LA, i watched a lot of movies. "stick it" was.. interesting >_> "over the hedge" had its moments. "my kung fu sweetheart" is a canton movie. heh it had funny moments. xD then we hung out in LA for a while til our 1am flight back to houston. on this flight back, the movie showing was "duma" i think. its about some boy and his pet cheetah. sappy and bad. bad abd movie. cheetah was kute. bad movie. XD finally got home but had to drive around to get our car and key back from relatives who were borrowing.

but its all good! got home and hugged the ground, unpacked, somewhat sorted stuff, went online to catch up a bit on the current events, and here i am blogging and i still have a long list of things to do. XO well anyway, this concludes the eng's asian adventures. pictures will come someday. i will not say soon, cuz thats a lie. haha thank you few and faithful readers! i hope you enjoyed my chronicles. XD

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    Saturday, August 12, 2006  
woke up this morning at 5 freaking AM T_T im so tired and i have a huge headache. in the singapore airport right now about to leave for taipei. hopefully i'll get to meet up with my tiffo ^ ^ oh yes i finally found a scale. i've officially gained 5 lbs. w00t. i believe i can donate blood.

k g2g!!! zomg they're boarding!!!

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okies yay one last post before taiwan!

8/10. i think i posted a lil about this day in the previous post, but oh well. so we had bakudeh for breakfast, got on the internet at my aunt's house, went shopping (i dont kno why. i feel like we've bought enough crap), and thennnnn WAKEBOARDING!!! yea we changed from water skiing to wakeboarding. its apparently easier, but it wasn't tHAT easy. i had a lot of trouble keeping balance, but on my 3rd try i got it for quite some time. XD the instructor man is funny. he has a mom who lives in conroe! XD small world. anyway now im super sore due to this eventful excursion. uhmm then we went to my cousin, yap's, turkish restaurant again. yummys XD oh wait. i think before we did that we went to a 2 singapore $ store. yesss... yes we did. i got my japanese tea mugs. XD yAY. uhm yea after eating, we went home and slept. ~

8/11. morning! ohiyou! time for veggietales! hahah my cousin's daughter, megan really likes veggietales and we watched the ultimate sillysong countdown with her. ^ ^ good stuff. my mom, i, and amanda went to takashimaya for snacks / lunch. i had 2 boxes of takoyaki XDD no one will ever be able to understand our relationship!!! *hugs takoyaki* uhmm then we went shopping... i think. oh and amanda got her ears pierced. ^ ^ i stood... quietly... next to her.. and after .. her >__> of course i didn't get any more piercings! i have 2 already! goodness... who do you think i am.. >_> then we shopped some more... and uh had high tea at marriot hotel near tangs mall. we actually had high tea with my mom andd dad. yes. that was. interestingly interesting. *ahem*
\then i got a massagee for quite some time and (amanda really wanted me to post the following so i'll put it in caps) AMANDA WENT SHOPPING BY HERSELF! yayyyy.. uhm then we tried to get back home but we got lost at the MRT hahah. Went back homee, chilled, then went to a mall near yap's house called causeway. the last time i was here, there was an anime shop where i bought stacy lots of stuff, but at this time i wasn't into anime. *doh* so i went back and bought a lot. yay. haha we ate at this mall's foodcourt a bit, then went to drive to a place to get chili crab. went back home, showered, and ate chili crab at 12 freaking AM. i was so full, my poor tummy was seriously suffering.

8/12. today! w00t. i woke up and gave taichou a call XD it was 11pm in sugar land i believe. hehe yes i hear you guys had a nice post camp rally and theres a concert going on tonight. XD have fun kids. so we actually woke up late and packed for taiwan. ate some leftovers and such... then we went to see yap gohgoh's potential new house! its quitee nice! its like a multi-storeyed type house with lots of rooms and stairs. haha uhm then we went to toh payou food court? duno if i spelled that right. and shopped for a VERY short while, went around to buy curry and curry paste to bring back home

and now we're at uncle michael's humble abode where there will be a huge family gathering dinner. XD i believe everyone who is related in singapore will be here so it'll be fun.

amanda looks angry. goodbye!

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    Wednesday, August 09, 2006  
w00t! still have time. sorry i lied JE, i DO have time to blog!

OK so 8/5. had breakfast with dad and mom came to the apartment to meet us. it was a joyous moment. (pause for emotion) then we went shopping for cool stuff. NIKI GOT COOL GLASSES! ok for you ragnarok junkies, know the "tiny spectacles"? hehehe.. i got them. now i can cosplay a wizard. hahaha >< uhm and i also got... *drumroll* PURPLE CONTACTS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ph34r. ahem. afterwards, we drove to my mom's childhood home. the front lawn has a big tree of rambutan. its like this red spikey looking fruit. the inside is like lychee ^ ^ we picked a few off the tree. mm then we had dinner at the singapore swim club with my mom's 3rd brother. yay for curry puffs! hehe and then it was off to our home for the week, yap gohgoh's house. amanda, i, and yap goh goh watched anger management before sleeping. :D "im so prettyyy!! o so prettyy!!"

8/6. cruise day. we got on the cruise and ate a buffet for lunch. and ate at a chinese place for a 2nd lunch. then we began to explore the ship a little. we found the internet place and it was really gay and slow satelite internet connection soooo yea no posting. we played mah jong i think. man this cruise charges you for a lot of things. not all the eating places were free. and to rent games, sometimes you had to pay, such as mah jong. 10 singapore $ for 3 hours. >_> gay. but it was fun. my mom owns....

8/7. we woke up late. (oops). we played bingo, had lunch, and megan (yap goh goh's daughter) swam while amanda and i played giant checkers. i believe i won. BWAHAHA. uhmm then we played ping pong. yea my mom owned us again. she has all these secret talents no one knows about. i bet she's ninja. then we went to thailand! we went to some cashew factory (jei-san likes cashews.), went to some jewelry store... oh i found the nice thai umbrella for you laura! finally. then we had dinner and an interesting restaurant made of expensive wood that termites wont eat. *special* then we went to a boring mall and then to the street market place. yea gay. thai ppl here were mean and... >_> said stranggeee things to the niki. anyhow i highly recommend girls not to go without your fathers! or go to bangkok. ppl seem nicer there...

8/8. yay scuba day. we awoken, had breakfast (buffet ><) and landed in malaysia! (yay twin's home town. coutnry. place) we took an HOUR *i repeat* HOUR boat ride to some island. holy molySSSS the boat ride bounced up and down like a roller coaster. for and HOUR *i repeat* an HOUR! T_T niki got dizzy. anyhoo, lil eng and i went scuba diving. i saw lots of cool fish :D like angel fish, parrot fist, baracuda, black tip shark, and clown fish! i even touched anemeni. er the thing nemo lives in. YEA i thought it was going to sting, but my scuba guide man touched so i was like.. ah OK! *touch* it feels like goo. mmm oh yEA did you kno you can BARF into your scuba deal? apparently theres an exhaust thing in there so you can breathe through it, coff, sneeze, puke, its all good. :D after scuba-ing, we snorkeled for another hour. lil eng got a life jacket and still managed to choke on water. after yap gohgoh joined us again after HIS scuba fun, we walked on the beach and found an abaondoned clump of poo. jk it was a sea cucumber. we picked it up andddd named it pooperkins <3 took lots of pics and then chunked him back into the ocean. XD

long paragraph. after scuba-ing, went back on the HOUR *i repeat* HOUR long boat ride. the whole way back i kept hearing a "UURRRRRR.. HWWEEEEHHH.." barfing noise in the background. *lovelyy* back on the cruise, we showered, had snack, and changed into dresses for the "special" gala dinner. watched some show with ho dancers and chinese acrobats. quite trendy. 8 ppl on a bike. w00t. then dinnerrr it was okay. i dont like dresses still. so i changed after dinner and watched king kong! yay. i think peter jackson overdid the dinosaurs. he's nuts.

8/9. my mother and the other one woke me up to see the sorriest sunrise ever. i was so tired and stomped the whole way on the deck. anddd yea it was cloudy. >_> gay i lost 2 hours of sleep. mm then we had breakfast.. uh played putput golf. yap gohgoh had +4, i had +6, and lil eng got +9. congrats. *pat pat* then we had lucnhh completed a BAMBI jigsaw puzzle and landed in singapore! oh yea jenga. forgot about that. ... anyway. then we rested, well.. my family rested. i played harvest moon. and we had chicken rice for dinner, and went to buy some more clothes. i got a kute japanese shirt deal. :D i likes it.

8/10. TODAY!!! we woke up had ba-ku-deh? i think i spelled it wrong, but its bascially pork rib stuff and soup and rice and stronggGGGGGG tea. ohhhh yes. good stuff. uhmm after thatt we came to my eldest aunt's home to use her internet. and here i am. we're about to go water skiing with yap gohgoh. xD uhm. i guess thats it.

stay healthy? eat fruits? drink fluids... hi steven!

k bye

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    Friday, August 04, 2006  
oops niki forgot to post. been watching school rumble and kiba off youtube. XD

after that day with yap goh goh, we woke up kind of late, but went to a book store. DUDE the anime section / manga section is half the size of our borders T_T NUTS. manga EVERYWHERE. so i got a pot artbook and a anime magazine. amanda bought a crap load of pens. cRAPload.

for lunch we ate thai food with auntie molly and uncle patrick. good stuff :D then we went shopping a lil. hahaha DUDE we found a relaly hilarious shirt. its brown, and in the middle is says "i dont kno what i am! im just a newbie!" hahahahah XD

in the evening, we went to buy some shoes! amanda got GAYY super stars like every other freaking a-z-n. i got some NICEE air force ones :D oh yes. gabe sez "baller" haha mm then we played tennis for an hour. i think i played decnetly first half, but then i got tired and started flinging at the ball haha. amanda was frustrated in the beginning and snapping and me T_T meanie POO butt. but she got better towards the end. sheesh..

for dinner we went to a FREKAING nice japanese restaurant. sashimi, onigiri, duck stuff with sorbet (tasted weird to me), and goose liver (tasted weird too but tolerable). mm and the shrimp tempura is sooo yummy. haha its weird here they call shrimp "prawn". sooo yea you never see shrimp. its a prawn tempura. *shrug*

um.. and after that i believe we stayed up and then slept. i watched kiba off youtube. note to self: you watched kiba 17 and 18

OK and yesterday... uh i think we woke up late again, but we went to sentosa island for a day of fun. first thing we did was go up a the tallest observation tower in singpaore. nice view :D then we did this LUGE thing. its like a sledding!! haha so fun. we did that 3 times. thennn we went to underwater world to see lots of fish. i saw my beloved seadragons again ^ ^ so kute. and a MANATEEE (barbra manateeeee manatee manatee you are the ONE for meee .. ) tickets to this aquarium came with tickets to see a pink dolphin show! haha they're just as good as the seaworld dolphins but PINK. quite fancy. thenn weee climbed the giantest merlion! yep. super.

after sentosa, we went to swim, came home, showered and ORDERED delivery from mcdonalds and kfc. hahahah so funny. i ate a bunch of chicken, fries, part of a spicy chicken sandwich, part of a big mac, andd... pop corn chicken... and we tired this "fan-tastic" burger. the bun is made of rice. >_> tasted weird.

mm then we packed up some and went to bed. oh yea i watched first ep of school rumble too. thanks for the tip, kai ^ ^ now its saturday morning, and we're about to eat lunch / brunch, and then my mommy will come get us. XDD yayy i miss my mommy x 10. hehe ok well im not sure if i'll have internet later but i'll be staying at yap goh goh's place. (in the woodlands for you ex-s'poore ppl). K laters then. i'll be on a cruise tomorrow. W00t w00t prepare yourselves for FAT ENGS!

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    Wednesday, August 02, 2006  
yo yo.
so yesterday, we woke up really late, and discovered we were booked to play tennis. haha so amanda and i hurriedly rushed to change and find our way to wisma area to play tennis. ok the walk was scorching hot because we left around 1030. when we finally got to the courts... omg. it was so hot, and we were tired. we played for a grand total of 20 awesome minutes hahahaha XD we left and had a small chicken rice lunch on the top floor of wisma.

after all the exhaustion, we went back to the apartment to rest and shower. then i believe we walked to far east and bought more stuff. i got a nice kakashi box! its actually for cigarettes, but i kicked that habit long time ago ;D so now its my first aid kit. thenn dad picked us up, we return to rest, and went out again to eat dinner at a french restaurant. randomly met dad's french friend and her 2 french kids there. >< we ate this crépe thing with ham eggs and cheese. XD yummy stuff but i duno if i'd want to eat it again. and the little french boy accidentally wiped my harvest moon file. T_T wonderful. so now im starting from scratch.

uhm i believe i slept early too because i was kind of depressed over the loss of my farm and quite homesick. hehe... niki = emo

OK so new morning. woke up pretty late again, and met up with auntie molly at 10am. she's sister 6 of my mom's 7. haha uhm and we went to eat at a hawker, then went to bugis junction. amanda got a gay looking purse. around lunch time we went to a big building to meet up with noi ee! i think she is sister 4 i think. and went to visit uncle michael (mom's brother number 2) at his office place XD theennn went to look for some music stuff. i found soler's 2nd album, intuition!!! yay yay yayyy ~ haha but you know whats REALLY weird about all the music places in s'pore AND hK? NO high and mighty color. >< extremely weird. anyhoo, we also met with dwa ee later on (mom's oldest sisteR). haha so lots of relative visiting

oo funny story time. so we were waiting to meet with dwa ee, and some kid came up to amanda and i and said, "hallo would you been interested in taking a restaurant survey?" and i was like.. "uhh we're not from here. i dont think we'd be good to survey" >< haha things just got awkward from there. he started asking random questions like if we school in the states and live there. and how old we were. >_> amanda guessed how old he was too. turns out he's 17. and his job... apparently sucks. i mean, survey taker?! at 17? T_T stinky job.

anyway we came back to apartments, chilled, then went to meet yap and meagan!!! yay yay yay ~ first we drive to east coast to his restaurant, and went biking for an hour. DUDE the park thing here is NICE. there's a whole pathway just for bikes and its by the sea so its breezy and not hot. you can rent bikes for FREE up to an hour. XO and in that hour, we were able to ride almost 9 miles XD good stuff. we had dinner at yap's turkish restaurant. oh geez, everything there is so yummy. EVERYTHINGGG XD haha uhm afterwards we went to play arcades and bust out our DDR skills. geez their DDR is so cheap. its the same as 35 US cents. T_T and if you pass your songs, you get up to 6 songs to play. thats insane. usually its only 3 songs... and for.. $1.25 US. booo T_T haha

anddd now we're back at apartment. been chilling, fixing up my farm, talked with steven, but he had to leave because of sherman /pif! haha jk >_>

ps. hi mel! i miss you too! XD you're my lone commenter. *gives mel a gold star*

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    Monday, July 31, 2006  
lallaa er i cant really remember what happened. ok yesterday, after i was on the computer, i believe we went shopping a bit, then lunch with a whole mass of relatives. haha uhm then "hang gai" literally. rest for a whole 30 minutes, then dinner at the hk country club.

next day, brunch at hotel, went to some stores to get ai otsuka's new album, posters for amanda, she probably wont be sharing, andd i got a charger for the gba. rested, then off to the airport.

and now we're back in singapore.

mmm ok yea thats it. haha and now we're doing laundry and playing video games while the other uses the comp. T_T im actually currently waiting for taichou to return. "ima shower. please be here when i come back" sooo i've been here... >_> he's going to be late to church. !doh

many sorries to hi pi on their loss to red eagle *caw caw* at least you guys can still be in playoffs! i hope. good luck all camp counselors and campers and such going to MS camp. amanda is quite saddened that she cannot be there. i told her to suck it up. XD okies bye byes

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    Saturday, July 29, 2006  
man well i haven't gotten internet access in a while, so i'll sum up real quik what's been going on

7/27. flight to hong kong! i watched Date Movie and Ultraviolet... >_> sort of a waste of time but oh well. we got to our hotel room around 4pm, ate at a food court (nothing special). we then went to a really cool place where they sell super cheap anime things, manga, and video games. XD JE, i got you a naruto DS game for about $20 US. XD i got lotsa litto figure things including a chibi cloud for captain. oh yes i got soler's concert dvd. still haven't found their newest album T_T its sold out everywhere. At night, we had dinner at uncle Edward's. he's my dad's cousin. XD he has two little kids that remind me of shawn and justin hehehe.

7/28. we woke up early for breakfast dim sum, and then headed for DISNEY WORLD HONG KONG. hahahha amanda bought a bunch of keychains for friends, i got a really kute stuffed eeyore thats like a round ball. XD disney world was interesting though. there were pretty much no roller coasters except the space mountain one, which was kind of lame. but it was fun in general. rained too T_T i liked this buzz lightyear thing where the whole ride is a game and you go around shooting targets and get a score. mm ok well after that we rested and then had dinner with 2 of my dad's cousins, leonard and yvette, their spouses, and their parents. "sey sook gong" and "sey goo poh" hahah good food

7/29. got up at 9, had breakfast and walked towards star ferry! it was raining all today so we were walking around under umbrellas. the fare for the ferry ride is about a quarter per person. hehehe when we got to the kowloon side, my dad wanted to go to a hong kong history museum.... hahah it was... interesting. reminded me of the singapore heritage center thing. uh yea then we took a taxi to some mall, and walked through that for a while to get to "loy yun gai" or ladies' street. i think thats how to translate it... but yes we got lots of good stuff. heheh i got minish cap and harvest moon for $8 each. ^ ^ yay haha the sheep farm shall be mine!! i also found a lot of jordan shorts. haha the jordn symbol looks a little weird but i got a few for people. in the evening, we had dinner with a bunch of dad's cousins at a steamboat place. its pritty funny, cuz you can steamboat "tzah siew bao" and "nye wong bao" haha

7/30. its about 10am right now. we're gonna go to a place my dad's cousins recommended to get gundams and other figurines, then we're going to have lunch with relatives, and then probably go find shoes. or something. mm ok well my sister has to use comp soon T_T

welcome back home camp people! and congrats to omar! if thats the term you use.. >_> haha im so happy for you ^ ^ ok well i think im going to skim xangas and sites to see what happened. haha okkies. laters..

ps! I MISS HOME i really do. and i've been gone for just one week. T_T i miss everyones..... *sniff*

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    Wednesday, July 26, 2006  
oops i missed a day i believe. ... did i? i think i did.

well yesterday was takashimaya. we were very on task and on budget! we spent most of the money on food, and the rest on stationary stuff. mainly pens for me. i got lots of nice .3 pens for laura, toni, myself, and a few extra. the next smallest pen size was .25 and those are hard to write with. i also got a nice HUGE mono eraser for steven's african adventures andd a black .3 pen. ^ ^ i was gonna get a sketch book for jason but none of them were special.... haha gomen. i'll find you a gundam. oh yes the food. well for lunch i had roasted duck noodles (the sauce was suprisingly good for someone who hates sauce), amanda ate my mom's fave fishball noodles, and i also had a box of takoyaki. ... speaking of which i didn't have one today.. >_> i also got 2 slices of pandan cake XD manda ate a chocolate jap pan thing too.

for dinner we went to east coast for jumbo's famous chili crab. XDD smart niki stained her shirt and shorts a bit. guess this isn't a good "date place" as my mom says (like wing stop.. >_>). but it was freaking gooooddd. XD the little fried bread things that come with it was yummy toos. after dinner we went back to chill and play gta3 somemore. i made 100 taxi runs! yay hahah gamer in ANY country. *peace sign*

TODAYYY we woke up sort of early. played gta3, amanda was on comp for a while... i finally got to talk to taichou for a good .. 10 minutes. T_T haha but 1130pm rolled around and it was time to head out into the real world! er singapore world. we went to FAR EAST PLAZA todays. oh dear we spent 3 hours on the 1st freaking floor. and spent like 60 sing dollars at the first store. hahahah thats like.. 40 US dollars? well yea. my sis got a dress (extREMEly gay if you ask me. its grossly green with poka dots but it was $7 US). i actually got a black dress too. it has kute button crap on it. (oh the irony). andd i got a nice capris fob type thing and a nice shirt to wear to HK dinner with relatives. then we bought various jewelery things (got some for you stace!), and accessory things (mainly amanda). i also got a cool $10 kamikaze shirt! hehehehe its funnies. i got it from the same place as my "the more ppl i meet to more i love my dog" shirt. pwahahah

dad came to get us, and we went to get kaya toast, buy some gifts for nephews in hk, and got sashimi salmon for dinner. ima be making onigiri too ^ ^ after this blog and after a shower. hehe oh yea we went swimming when we got back too. amanda and dad have been "exercising" as well. pif! im too lazy to do that crap. okies chlorine is making me itchy. shower time for niki. ~

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    Monday, July 24, 2006  
woke up this morning around 6am with a greatttt desire to pee. so i did

we went to newton hawker center and ate breakfast XD i had fishball noodle soup, amanda had fried fishballs with spicy sauce. zomg. good stuff *cries* the fishballs aren't like the ones in houston. they're springy and bouncy!!! i bet if you threw a singaporean fishball on the ground, it'd hop right back up and smack you in the face for throwing it on the ground. BUTTT in houston... they wont bounce. if fact, they'd probably get stuck to the ground. >_>

we were soon dropped off at suntec city mall around 9am. erk but none of the stores opened until around lunch time. !doh. so we spent a lot of time walking and wandering. got to kno the mall quite well.

for lunch, i had FRESH MADE tempura with udon soup noodle. amanda ate some minced pork rice deal. yummys XD the tempura was so good. by now all the shops had opened and we proceeded to shop. we got lots of kutesie stuff and i got some anime things. specifically, i got a nice renji model for mr kai. ^ ^ dude its like impossible to take pictures in stores. i duno if its law, or just a singaporean thing, but they freak out if you yank out a camera. but we snuck a few pictures. anyone remember those little vending machines where you stick in a few coins, turn the dial, and a ball comes out with some goodies inside? haha ok so there a ROOM of these. over 100 machines and they have ANIME figures in them XO haha too bad i already had the naruto ones, but i did see a eureka 7 one. *shrug* i dont really watch it. amanda got a kute bear thing. heheh but yea there's a lot of anime stores and stuff. the pricing isn't much different from anime cons though. its just more.. available i guess. oh yea we got a pic of the arcades too. holy crappers the arcades are freaking awesome!! there's rows and rows of machines and every arcade has DDR and the PERCUSSION MASTER. XDDD w00t w00ttt

oh yes. one thing i have found disturbingly strange is singapore's fettish for xbox and xbox alone. T_T i haven't seen a single ps, ps2, psp, gba, or gamecube!!! ITS ALL XBOX. what is their frekaing problem!?? pif. well anyway... amanda and i did have fun on the ddr floor. i sweated a lot =x while we were doing that, dad played initial D and got himself a card. hehe guess we'll be going back there a lot. hmm oh yea so we shopped for stuff.. looked at a lot of fob clothings, but it was a mall so its expensive. didn't buy too many clothes. T_T we get a $50 allowance a day for food and shopping... yEAAA i think we went over by $12. sigh ANDDD i feel like gabe. i've gone pee so many times today i duno why. its not like i drank that much >_> pif.

uhm ok sooo we went back to the apartment and.. >_> (amanda is sitting awfully close to me at the moment.. *scoots*) ... uhm yea and we took a 5 hour nap. haha =3 that wasn't too smart but oh well. we woke up around 10 after my dad's business call, and went back to newton hawker for "siew yeh!" ate "lala" (mussels), and satay. oh and sugar cane juice. mebe thats why i have to pee so much.. .

OK well tomorrow we'll be online from.. US 6pm - 8pm ish. mm its 125am right now. andd ppl should be leaving for camp soon. stay safe you guys! prank stanley very badly on his bday please. good luck HI PI and SAM's CLUB! i have faith you guys can come baack!! gobble up red eagle and ooga booger! hehehhe

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    Sunday, July 23, 2006  
alllrighties! first post in singapore XD lets start from the beginning...

SO we set out towards the airport at 4pm and we hit really bad traffic. it wasn't an accident or anything, it was just really bad traffic. boo then when we got to the airport, we had some trouble with miscommunications about letting amanda, the minor, travel without adult supervision. that caused quite a ruckus, so amanda and i ended up being the last 2 on the plane. i sat next to a fidgety mexican man >_> awkward.

4 hours later, we arrive in LA. man.. at this point, i remember being really really tired. but i also remember the VERY NICE cali weather for about 10 minutes walking between terminals. oh my goshness the air was so clear and clean feeling. we were "handed over" to singapore airlines, and for the first time in a long time... we heard it. singaporean accents. REAL ones. hahhaa XD awesomes.

the SIA crew people were very nice ^ ^ they always served us meals first and kept making sure everything was okay. oh wait i forgot, interesting story. ok so we got on the plane, and the air hostess lady told us to sit in these 2 seats. "please do not trade or change seats, we need to know where you are at all times ok?" i nodded and sat, and decided to call mom and tell her everything was okay. as she talked and kept insisting that i ask about the sia pocession of our passports (which i thought was all under control >_>), some white guy came up to me (while i was still on phone), and really really rudely said "excuse me you need to move." i was like.. uhhhhhh and held the phone down (mom was still talking). i told him that the air hostess said we couldnt leave these seats. he flashed his tickets and said "well you're in my seat." OK thats not even the dumb part. i saw his ticket and i was like.. ok.. same row.. don't tell me he's actually being a butt because he wants the window seat >_> so i said... "uh.. so.. basically you want the window seat..?" and he replied "actually yes i would like the window seat." >< ok am i being selfish in thinking that this man was rude to 2 girls who are obviously traveling by themselves and getting all picky over a freaking window seat? ... >_> sad. well anyway we got moved to different seats next to some lady. but man.. i was quite pissed at that guy. oh yea the whole time my mom was still on the phone... T_T

anyway.. the flight from LA to taipei was fine. it appears SIA has less nintendo games... probably lost funding. but the movies were decent. i watched V for Vendetta , fell asleep because it was 5am US time T_T and slept for about 7 hours. woke up to eat, stole a spoon, watched V for vendetta again, and also I Not Stupid Too. hehehe good movie. i learned one thing from that movie. family = father and mother i love you. hahhaa cheesy but its a good arguemnt for anti gay marriages... ^ ^ ahem. anyway

taipei to singapore was ok too cept i started getting major headaches. T_T nothing a little advil cant fix. i think i took 3 in all... oh yes and i also watched "she's the man" with amanda bynes. hehe yes this movie has reassured me that i still dislike her. ^ ^ oo 20 minutes before landing, an air hostess asked us to go sit in business class / first class!! hahha i dont kno why, but it doesn't matterrr!!! the seats there are freaking awesome... the recline waaayyy downn. you're practically lying down ANDDD they have silky pillows ^ ^ oh yes stacy, i collected a fair amount of barf bags for you. pwahaha you shall be fully equipped and prepared for the next road trip!!!!

yay so we landed in singpaore and the walkway from plane to airport gate already smelled like singapore. XD my dad picked us up and we unpacked at his apartment type place. i showered, amanda didn't (ew), and we were off to takashimaya!!! that is my mom's fave japanese department store type place. except we didn't really go shopping today. no. it was ... THE FOOD! LO AND BEHOLD!!!!! niki has finally been reunited with her beloved TAKOYAKI!!! *drools* that was the first thing i ate hhehehe we also had some takitori. its like.. skewer things. oh geez i also got a slice of real pandan cake. for those who dont know, its like a sponge cake thats green because it has extracts of pandan leaves. and omg. it was... soo.. good... i teared. no seriously, i kid you not, cross my heart. i teared as i ate it. you can ask amanda. t_T it was so good.

mm then we went to buy a few household items and groceries. it appears i'll be making onigiri over here too hahha super duper!! after 2 hours of walking around takoshimaya, niki already reached her limit. my feet were tired. hahahaahaha man how am i going to survive the rest of the week. XD well one thing's for sure... we're going to be broke. haha we saw so many kute and awesome things already. >D just need to go back and buy them. ^ ^ SOOO who wants a .3 or .4 or .25 pen? hehe just raise your hands. they come in all sorts of colors XD oh yes and mono erasers. so manys.

mm so right now its almost 7pm here, and we're gonna go to a sushi restaurant for dinner. its one of those convayer belt ones w00t! i heard the hsf sports day got... rescheduled or relocated. or somethingg... haha well no matter, im sure you guys had fun. mm haha its like.. 6am over there right now... should be a sunday... >_> ok well. have fun in focus.

for now, i will try and finish fullmetal alchemist and pray that jet lag doesn't give me a huge smack in the face during dinner. because that would suck. XD cheerio!

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